Water Conservation

This section of the website provides tips and information on how to conserve water inside and outside your home and/or office as well as The Commission’s Conservation Programs.

You can help the program achieve a 10% reduction in water use per person within 10 years by saving 10 gallons of water per day or start by saving 1 gallon of water per day every year for 10 years. Here are some ways you can accomplish that:

  • Reduce shower time ~ 2.5 gallons/minute
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth ~ 2 gallons/minute

Why Should We Conserve Water?

Water is constantly being recycled through the earth’s water cycle. However, humans can consume fresh water faster than it is naturally replenished. We all use water, so we should do our part to protect and preserve it. Approximately 3% of the earth’s water supply is fresh but less than one third of 1% is available for human use!

As water users, we must preserve our water supply so it will be available today and for generations to come. Water conservation allows us to use water more efficiently and reduce water waste. Making a habit of conservation makes sense.

Conserving water is beneficial to our community, because it:

  • Helps protect our water supply for the future
  • Protects the environment and natural ecosystems
  • Saves energy
  • Saves money

For more information about the water cycle, visit the US Geological Survey’s website.

Where Does Our Water Come From?

The Great Lakes are the largest system of fresh, surface water on earth, containing roughly 18% of the world fresh water supply. Lake Michigan is the second largest of the Great Lakes.

Nearly 750,000 people in DuPage County get their water from Lake Michigan, provided to them by their local water utility. The DWC buys water from the City of Chicago and sells it to the local water utilities in DuPage County. The people in DuPage County who do not get their water from Lake Michigan are served by ground water sources. The Great Lakes Compact limits how much water can be taken from Lake Michigan and requires all water utilities to have a water conservation program.
Source: The Great Lakes: An Environmental Atlas and Resource Book. USEPA

For more information on the Great Lakes Compact visit the websites for the Great Lakes CommissionCouncil of Great Lakes Governors, or Great Lakes and Saint Laurence Cities Initiative.

DuPage County Water Usage Summary

Before we can start to preserve every drop, we must first understand how much water we use and for what purposes. Water usage in DuPage County can be divided up into four main categories as shown in the figure.

Did you know?

gallons/person/day is the average daily water use for Lake Michigan water users in DuPage County.
Of total water use is for residential customers.

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